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I ordered 1 box of 450smc on the 17th, got a tracking # on the 20th, but come the 23rd, still no package. I call UPS, but they have no shipping info. So I call Double tap, and get a get " matter of fact "oh, that hasnt shipped, your order is going out the end of next week." Wow! So $28 for a box of 20 rounds, but over $13 in shipping.....and I won't get my order, which was supposed to be a gift for my son, until over 2 weeks. Hmm, I bet larger orders don't wait that long. So I email, and get this back from the owner, Mike McNett.... Read more

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I bought ammo from Doubletap Ammo on line in April. It is now the second week of July and I still have not received my order or any information about the status of my order. I sent two email inquiries about the status of my account and processing of my order and have not received a response. I tried calling, and I thought someone was going to answer when the ringing stopped, but there was only silence. I left a message on Facebook, but there has been no response. I also messaged them through their website and have had no response there either. Read more

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dont belive the hype of super 10mm loads! its BS! All this Mike clown is a "reloader who magicaly gets high speed loads ehith no over pressure funny all the big guys cant seem to figure this magic out but good old Mike can? well i have personal experence with this stuff and after my last order my new glock is now in peices why? all i can figure is poor quality ammo over pressure blew case in new G20 result ruined! NO call back from Mike McNett from no email responce nothing!! dont buy its expensive and even worse very... Read more

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