dont belive the hype of super 10mm loads! its BS!

All this Mike clown is a "reloader who magicaly gets high speed loads ehith no over pressure funny all the big guys cant seem to figure this magic out but good old Mike can? well i have personal experence with this stuff and after my last order my new glock is now in peices why? all i can figure is poor quality ammo over pressure blew case in new G20 result ruined!

NO call back from Mike McNett from doubletapammo.com no email responce nothing!! dont buy its expensive and even worse very dangerous!!!!

Monetary Loss: $550.

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yes 223 way over pressured as well, primers falling out, major cartridge op marks


You bought ammo for a 1911 and expect great results?


I just wear welding gloves and face mask when shooting his stuff or stand behind a tree


there is alot of negative press on Mike latley his own fault he turned his back on all of us that supported him I will never recomend his stuff to anybody he sent me cheap montana gold bullets there a target bullet made for range use Mike has been sneaking them into his "controled expansion" ammo insted of the xtp or gold dot these bullets DONT expand not even the hollow points the cores are dam near as hard as steel!! and he is charging a dollar a round for the stuff!!

all mine chronoed at 150-200 below the box flap out of the same g20 he supposedly tested them in. I agree with the first guy here double *** ammo!!


look at his web site africa safari thats where your money is goin i saw some 10mm for $75 a box!!!!!!!!!! now thats gettin ridickulus!!!


I have actually seen the vel on the ammo go down latley the box says 1300 my chrono says 1190 - 1250 i have had varriation over 150 before a few high primers that caused ftf yes it is or was really hot but i dont carry it in my service pistol anymore to many compaints and poor quality for me when lives are on the line i cant trust it. seems like this guy has turned his back on the people that got him where he is now prices are higher than ever you can buy it in some stores now less than his site guess its the greed and quest for money is whats important for doubletap now days too bad they were good if not great at one time.


I agree


i too had problems with their ammo never case failure but large smileys on cases renduring the cases not reloadble! dont reload these cases they will burst on the streched portion I am a avid reloader and there is no doubt these are over pressure they "blame" the glock for a unsuported chamber funny becouse the majority of 10mm shooters use glocks so if you are aware of a potential problem what kind of *** would create a potential problem?

if you have to buy custom barrels and springs just to shoot this "special" ammo its not worth it! my advice is to stick with established manufactures this guy is goin to get somebody injured with this stuff!

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